World Sports Awarded $9.2M Sport Field Renovation Project by County of Hillsborough, FL

The World Sports team was selected by the County of Hillsborough, FL, to undertake a four (4) year renovation project designed to improve nearly 160 sports fields in the County.  The renovation project will provide the County and its residents with safer playing fields and better playing surfaces.

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World Sports closes strategic partnership in Vegas!

World Sports team was chosen to be the responsible to manage all field conversions from Baseball to Soccer and vice versa at the Cashman Field in Las Vegas for the Las Vegas Lights FC.

The new USL franchise projects more than 13 conversions in 2018 and the main goal is to provide a full soccer experience for the fans as well as deliver the  Baseball field in perfect conditions.

World Sports Adds Sports Turf Operations in FL

Now operating in the west coast of Florida, mainly in Tampa and Sarasota World Sports Turf Division offers the highest quality services and maintenance for Sports Fields and Golf Courses.

From consulting to turn key operations, the primary services offered are Fraze mowing, Soil Aeration, Recycle Dressing, Overseeding, Foliar Fertilization programs and full maintenance outsourcing.

Turf Operations Director Luis Lauretti is excited to deliver these specialized, technical and unique turf care and maintenance capabilities to the Tampa area.

Allianz Parque success case! New turf in 48 hours

Allianz Parque Stadium went through a massive operation to host the Palmeiras vs. Peñarol in the Copa Libertadores.  By working 24 hours a day, the World Sports team was able to implement a complete new turf solution for this critical game just 100 hours after the Just Bieber and Elton John concert.

Immediately following the removal of the flooring protection on the morning of Friday, April 6, World Sports began top soil preparation work in preparation for the grass rolls.  These rolls were initially planted indoors, at night and at dawn, to minimize stress on the grass. "All work was completed on April 10 at 2 am", explained Fabio Camara, Director of World Sports responsible for New Turf Construction.

World Sports working at the Rio Olympics 2016

The Corinthians Arena is a newly built stadium that hosted the 2014 Brazil World Cup and is home of the Brazilian professional team, S.C. Corinthians Paulista. The arena has always impressed by its high quality grass pitch.  World Sports was responsible for the construction and is now in charge of the field maintenance and preparations.

World Sports is proud to be working in the Summer Olympics, which is considered to be the most traditional sports event in the world. Keeping the bar high, World Sports has kept the field in its best condition for the games. "Despite the six games we have had so far, the pitch is still almost perfect," says André Amaral, the World Sports manager responsible for the maintenance of the Arena Corinthians Field.

World Sports starts fields renovation in CA

World Sports team was hired to start the renovation process in 17 fields at the San Bernardino Soccer Complex in CA.


The complex is now managed by San Bernardino Soccer, LLC, who will control the space for 20 years and now is investing in the complex renovation.


The main scope of the work will be fraze mowing with the Field Top Maker equipment, soil de-compaction, top dressing and over seeding.


Four fields is being renovated in November/15 and the other fields will be renovated in 2016.

FIFA Brazil's Legacy project is Nearing Completion

The Youth Sports Center (Ceju), located near Para Olympic Stadium, Mangueirão, is now 90% complete. World Sports is a sub contractor of the world famous player in the industry, Field Turf , and the project is part of the “social legacy of the World Cup 2014″, in order to provide quality training facilities for children and adolescents.


There are four fields in Ceju: three composed of artificial turf and one of natural turf, all following the FIFA standard used in the 2014 World Cup stadiums. “The fields here are made from eight thousand square meters of Esmeralda natural grass, from right here in Pará, and 23,000 meters of synthetic grass, which is applied with a proprietary process developed by our company”, said André Ostermayer, manager of World Sports Turf Division.

Success Hydronics System at Arena Corinthians

The special and unique pitch Cooling System created for the FIFA Soccer World Cup in 2014 is a complete success and the players elected the pitch the best turf in Brazil.


The use of Ryegrass all year round in a tropical country was a big challenge and the partnership between World Sports, CRL from Ireland, Sub Air from USA and also local companies with expertise was crucial for the total success of the project used in the World Cup 2014 and now hosting games for SC Corinthians one of the biggest soccer clubs of the World.


The pitch is a reality and the World Sports team that is responsible for the full maintenance of the turf can control the system using an App from the cellphone.

Best turf Technology for 2014 FIFA World Cup 

As one of the main suppliers of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil World Sports was responsible to deliver the main turf specifications from the FIFA turf specs.


World Sports team delivered the artificial light systems from SGL to several of the stadiums and was also responsible to deliver Sub Air systems with Vacuum drainage and also the 2 main turf reinforcement systems: Desso Grass Master and FibreSand.


The logistics was tremendous with all the stadiums being built at the same time but our team showed 100% commitment and dedication to deliver the systems on time.


STMA convention 2018

World Sports was again exhibiting at the STMA expo in Fort Worth, TX. This presence was essential to the networking with the STMA members and to show our services and solutions for the sports turf market.

World Sports is also a proud member of the association and the idea is to be supporting the organization for the years to come.


Turf Recovery after events

The need to quickly recovery from events in Stadiums and Arenas is necessary to maximize revenues.

Our team develop a system called Total Turf Concept that starts with the selection of turf based on climate and region, for the time it will be cover passing the the choice of the right flooring systems and finish with the special treatment we give the the turf for a full recovery and to be able to host games in the shortest time possible.

In one specific case, the U2 360 concert the turf was covered for 20 days and our team was able to fully recovery the turf in 10 days in order for the soccer/futebol team to hold a professional soccer match.


Brazilian Soccer Federation - CBF Granja Comary 

World Sports was hired to build 4 new fields to the official training center of the Brazilian National Team. The fields was designated the best technical specification for a professional soccer field.


All fields will be sand based with Bermuda - Celebration grass. The first impression with the customer and mainly from the players is that the pitch is perfect.


We are proud to be responsible for the fields used by the only national team that won FIFA World Cup 5 times.

TRS - World Sports

World Sports is starting a partnership with TRS - Turf Reclamation Services, from Ohio to start to offer services of Artificial Turf reclamation and recycling.


With the specialized equipment and personnel World Sports team will offer services of turf removal and installation.


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