Although artificial turf is very reliable, it’s no secret that it has a limited lifespan.  When it is time for the field replacement, in most of the cases the remnants end up being dumped at landfills, which is very hurtful for our environment. Moreover, this process is expensive and looming legislation is pushing to ban this activity. 


World Sports International Solutions offers the best and greenest option for this industry. We are specialized in turf system reclamation. Our TRS machines are the complete turf removal and recycling solution. 


Our Equipment cut, extract the infill, wind, and remove the turf in 45” rolls that can easily be transported by truck for recycling. These rolls are sent to regional facilities for separation and recycling.

Turf Reclamation

The Reclamation Process


  • Slice: Mounted to the Wrangler™, the Viper™ attachment quickly cuts the turf into 45" strips with minimal disruption to the gravel base and shock pads 


  • Wind: Mounted to the Wrangler™, the Sidewinder™ attachment quickly rolls the turf (with or without infill) into tight bundles ready for transport. 


  • Separate: The Rattlesnake™ efficiently removes the infill from the turf and places it directly into a supersack for reuse. 


  • Recycle: Finally, processed turf can be repurposed or recycled into other products.



  • Easier on The Environment  



  • Cost Efficient  



  • Less invasive 



  • Little impact to the gravel base and shock pads