Las Vegas LIGHTS FC - USL - 2018


The World Sports team was hired to make the field conversions from Baseball to Soccer and vice-versa. The job includes the full removal of the pitchers mould and installing a temporary natural grass turf across the baseball infield. That will ensure that Las Vegas Lights Fc fans are seated close to the action for every match in a traditional rectangular soccer stadium seating.

After Soccer games the WS team will rebuild the Baseball field in its original standards rebuilding the moulds and the infield.

Galway Downs Soccer Complex, CA


Based in Temecula, CA the Galway Downs equestrian and Soccer complex is one of the main complex that host youth soccer games in So Cal. With up to 18 full size soccer teams World Sports team is responsible for the turf maintenance as well as the set up of the fields for tournaments.

The multiuse complex is based on 2 Polo fields with Tifton 419.

World Cup 2014 - 2018 Arena Corinthians


Following the FIFA specifications  in order to build the grass portion of the stadium that hosted the opening of the FIFA World Cup 2014 and six World Cup games, the first Soccer pitch in the World to use a Hydronic system (Cold water system with cold air injections) developed specifically to provide support to the use of Perennial Ryegrass, a cool season grass in a Tropical Country.  


World Sports was also responsible for the turf maintenance during the FIFA WC 2014 and is still the company responsable for the turf at the stadium.

San Bernardino Soccer Complex - California


World Sports was hired to start the turf renovation process at the complex with 17 official soccer fields. The main goal is to achieve high quality fields in the best timing possible without returfing. The services started on 4 fields with the soil analyses and turf services as Fraze Mowing to correct leveling, soil compaction, top dressing and overseeding with Elite Perennial ryegrass.

The remaining fields are set to start in the spring and will also include the seeding of Riviera Bermudagrass.

Allianz Parque - São Paulo - Brazil


The new and modern Stadium in São Paulo is the home of SE Palmeiras and it is the number one stadium in the World in quantity of events. WS was hired by contractor and operator of the stadium and designed a natural sports turf field focusing on a business model that includes the replacement of the total turf field several times a year due the number of concerts and events. 

In 2017 the field was replaced more than 5 times with a great effort from WS team and local partners. Each conversion took average of only 48 hours and the field was ready to play just after. 

World Cup 2014 - Arena Beira Rio 


Host of 5 games for World Cup 2014 Stadium the Beira Rio Arena is also the home of one of the most important teams in Brazil: Internacional de Porto Alegre.


Also following the Fifa specifications WS was hired to design and build the natural turf field. This stadium hosted five World Cup games in 2014, possesses vacuum drainage and a FIBRESOFT system for turf reinforcement (mix of elastic fibers embedded with the sand). World Sports was hired for the turn key project and the turf used was Tifgrand overseeded with Ryegrass.


WS developed the whole system in partnership with CRL from Ireland and Sub Air systems from USA. Perenial Ryegrass PHD used was imported from USA.

Arena do Grêmio - Porto Alegre - Brazil


World Sports was responsible to implement the first FIFA Standard sports turf in Brazil back in 2013.


After the ending of the building process, the vacuum drainage system was implemented, and seeds imported from the USA were planted. World Sports used its partnership with Irish company CRL in order to execute the Project. The seeds imported from the USA were the same used in places like Wembley, Emirates, Arena Amsterdam, amongst others. After the seeding, the Grass Master system from Desso Sports Systems was imported for the first time in Brazil. Such system injects more than 22 million synthetic fibers into the grass turf in order to reinforce the field. Turf: Bermuda with oversseding with Ryegrass in Winter.

World Cup 2014 - Arena das Dunas


Arena das Dunas host 4 games for the WC 2014 inclusing Team USA X Gana. The stadium has a gravity drainage system which proved to be very efficient after heavy rains in the region, which exceeded 300 mm rain in two days. Also in the project the irrigation used HDPE pipes with 35 sprinklers and Sand base top soil. The turf was sprigged with Tifway 419.


Hosted games from USA team, Mexico, Gana, Italy, Uruguay, japan, Greece and Camerum.  World Sports was also responsible for the turf maintenance during the FIFA WC 2014.

Arena Pantanal - FIFA World Cup 2014


The challenge on the World Cup project was the shade. Hired by Construtora Mendes Junior (Top 10 construction companies in Brazil), this stadium hosted four World Cup games in 2014. The stadium has a gravity drainage system and FIBRESOFT system for turf reinforcement (mix of elastic fibers embedded with the sand). Turf: Tifgrand.


The system FIBRESOFT was installed in partnership with CRL from Ireland and seeds planted were imported from USA – ( Oregon). World Sports was also responsible for the turf maintenance during the FIFA WC 2014.

Miami FC - Tropical Park


World Sports was hired to make the chamge of a Football field to Soccer field.


The job consisted in the removal of the existing turf, new level of the sub base, construction of teh sand bae top soil, new laser lavel of the final surface and the instalation of the Celeberation turf in Big Rools.


Our team was also responsible for the grow in until the start of the Soccer league season.

Granja Comary - Brazilian National Team 


World Sports team was contracted to develop the design and construction on the Brazilian National Team Tranning Facility.


3 pitches following FIFA specification was built and is now beeing used for the Top Brazilian players when tranning for the National Team.


All fields are sand based, Rain Bird irrigation and teh turf used was Celebration.