Synthetic / Artificial Turf

Design &

World Sports designs, installs and maintains the best synthetic fields on the market. From top performance athletic fields to basic landscaping, we have the right staff and methodology for the design and construction of your synthetic turf project.

Our years of experience successfully completing synthetic turf projects in South America and in Florida will give you confidence that our team will help you get your job done on budget and on schedule.


The installation process is crucial for the success of the projects, and our highly qualified staff is here as your partner, to help you. Our success comes from the combination of our specialized crew and the right equipment.


The sub-base must be prepared so that the final trim is between 1% and 2% from the center to the sides. Depending on the final slope of the sub-base will affect the design of the drainage system


World Sports understands the importance of keeping sports fields in good condition, and always keeping the playability of the surface as consistent as possible. The maintenance of synthetic fields is the key to a good surface for athletic competitions.

The World Sports team works hard to ensure the best performance of the facility for the longest period of time. The idea is to increase safety and playability, as well as the aesthetics of the synthetic fields.


Although artificial turf is very reliable, it’s no secret that it has a limited lifespan.  When it is time for the field replacement, in most of the cases the remnants end up being dumped at landfills, which is very damaging to our environment. Moreover, this process is expensive, and looming legislation is pushing to ban this activity. 

World Sports offers the best and greenest option for synthetic turf reclamation. Our TRS machines together with our qualified team will give you your complete turf removal and recycling solution. 

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